Sunday, December 22, 2013

Belly Dancing & Fancy Clothes

hipscarfIn the market for Belly Dancing Clothes? Check out Fairy Dreams Clothes – they have items like a hip scarf starting at just $8 (the turquoise one on the right) including international shipping (and discounts for purchase of multiple items)!
They’ve also got little girl dresses like these below at $19 including international shipping (the tutu is $13) – and this is a ‘Buy it now’ – meaning there’s no auction. You just go in, press the button and buy.
flower-girl-dress1 communion dress adorable tutu

I just bought a few items from Sophias’s Style – they have both an eBay store and a regular online store. Their shipping prices are very easy to find and are the same on both. Internationally it’s ~$19 for the first item on the website and $14 on ebay - and then just $4 for the second and beyond. The website is running a “Steal of the Day” sale – an item with a large discount. They’ve got loads of great items, but since my focus today is on fancy dresses, I’ll stick with that.
I ordered the dress below on the left for both of my little girls, but I was able to get them on auction for under $5 each (it appears that they don’t currently have auction items). The polka dot dress is a Rare Editions plus size dress.
sugar plum dress polka dot dress ivory dress

Monday, February 14, 2011

More shops that ship internationally will be posted soon...

Stay tuned :-) And let me know what you like best to buy online!


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Sunday, June 13, 2010

10 things you can buy & ship for under $2.

Here goes. 10 things you can buy and have shipped to your for a total of less than $2.

A few notes:
- I'm not affiliated with any of the sellers and don't make any money from (or even find out about) sales.
- These are all auctions, so they end at some point. If the item has ended and you still want it -search for it on eBay, I'm sure you'll find it either with this seller or another.
- I highly recommend you read my tips about buying on eBay before ordering.

Strawberry shopping bag - $0.99

Power adaptor - AC to USB - $0.99

3 iPhone screen protectors - $0.99

A digital thermometer - $1.29

100 Winnie the pooh scrapbooking stickers - $1.50

A door guard - $1.51

Baby blue shoelaces - $1.75

A 4.5 inch tripod - $1.89

A flashing dolphin tub toy - $1.98

Or an LED duck... - $1.99

What's your favorite?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Size 3-4T Dress

$12 - including international shipping?!? And it's a "Buy it now", not an auction.

3-4T Birthday Dresses!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shopping habits...

Buying online

Rules: Here are a few questions about online shopping habits. Answer them as honestly as you can...
  • Are you more likely to comparison-shop or to purchase things online?First comparison shop and then buy online... or use the internet to check prices of something I'm thinking of buying in a store.
  • Is it different for different items?Yes, especially if shipping is a big part of the purchase.
  • What type of thing do you buy most often online?Jewelry, books, kids' clothing.
  • How often do you buy things online?Very often.
  • How often do you comparison shop online?Not so much because there aren't that many things we need...
  • If you buy online, what do you prefer about it over going to one or more stores?More convenient.
  • What's the best deal you've ever gotten online?I just bought a bag for 1 cent including shipping (from Hong Kong) - received it today.
  • Have you ever bought something online that was a total flop? If so, what?Sunglasses. Awful... and heated gloves that broke the first time I wore them.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dollhouse miniatures with free international shipping

Whether you're into miniatures or not, this store is one worth seeing. They're currently selling nearly 300 miniatures - everything you could imagine...

Here are a few examples that go for as low as 99 cents - including shipping worldwide(!) - and it's not only food - those are just the ones that caught my eye :-) They've got sushi, chili and garlic, coffee mugs, flowers, potted plants and more... I couldn't stop looking at the pictures and wondering if I could find something to do with all the beautiful things they sell :-)

SNP Garage has a 100% feedback rating, so I think you're pretty safe ordering there.
Want information about understanding eBay feedback ratings? Leave me a comment in this post!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trader Lou Smile Deal

Available through Jan 21st., for just $6 you can choose from a selection of over 200 items. Retail prices for similar handcrafted items range from $20 - $73. Choose one or more. But, for just the next few days, these items are only $6. Over 200 designs in this selection.

Save an additional 5% off anything in the store for orders of just $20 or more. Enter promotion code SMILE5 at checkout for the additional 5% savings.

Tip: Click the ‘Show All’ button to easily see all the designs.

Available while supplies last. Not available with any other offer. Available just through January 21st.

Note: I am not affiliated with Trader Lou in any way and receive nothing for publishing this information or for any purchases which may result.