Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bras with international shipping

Brand-name bras tend to be expensive everywhere, but especially when you're outside of the US, prices can be outrageous. Here are some places I've found where you can get not just decent but AMAZING prices on bras.

Brabraland (funny name, I know) on eBay sells a wide variety of bras - Bali, Barely There, Bestform, Champion, Curvation, Danskin, Exquisite Form, Famous Maker, Frederick's, Gilligan & O'Malley, Goddess, Hanes, Just My Size, Lane Bryant, Lily of France, Lilyette, Maidenform, Olga, Oscar de la Renta, Playtex, Prospirit, Rene Rofe, Secret Treasures, Vanity Fair, Vassarette, Wacoal, Warner's and WonderBra. She also sells other undergarments - briefs, camisoles, lingerie and more.

Playtex bras, for example, start at $6.99 - that's the minimum you can bid. If you want to buy right away, you'll have to pay an additional $2. I waited it out and 'won' several at the starting price. Shipping for the first bra is $8. After that, it's a little under $4 each. The ones I got came with the original tags, including the price - $26(!) - the total I paid for 3 was $37, including shipping!

Other options are:
Natural figures offers low cost international shipping - 5.95GBP. Make sure to compare the prices - I found that their exchange rates weren't exactly the same as the bank (when I was checking, it was cheapest to pay in Pounds) - their prices start at $11 for a bra.
Bigger bras caters to women from size 32AA to 56K(!) Their shipping cost is $40 - pretty steep unless you need something pretty specific...
Freshpair that offers flat rate international shipping (to Israel, for example, it starts at $9.95) - look for it at the top of your screen when you load their page.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vitamins and Supplements with International Shipping

My brother, Ben, introduced me to this site - (get $10 off if you sign up via this link) - that sells vitamins, dietary supplements, herbs, diet products, bath & beauty products and more. Not only are their prices amazing, they ship internationally for just $5. (You can see a list of the countries they ship to on this page). Ben said that their home brand, VSI, usually comes out the cheapest.

Vitacost also sells kosher vitamins, vegetarian Omega 3 & they provide a variety of tools, including recommendations for what vitamins you should be taking based on a questionnaire you fill out (I forgot to fill in my height, leaving it at 1 foot tall, and was informed that I'm overweight - you might not want to miss that field :-))

Another awesome site is iHerb (Get $5 off your first order if you order via this link) - They offer a wide variety of food products, vitamins and more - and offer really cheap international shipping - just $4 for a package. It's limited to 4lbs, which means that you can't order that much, but it comes super-fast (usually) and packaged nicely.

Wishing you all good health!