Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shopping habits...

Buying online

Rules: Here are a few questions about online shopping habits. Answer them as honestly as you can...
  • Are you more likely to comparison-shop or to purchase things online?First comparison shop and then buy online... or use the internet to check prices of something I'm thinking of buying in a store.
  • Is it different for different items?Yes, especially if shipping is a big part of the purchase.
  • What type of thing do you buy most often online?Jewelry, books, kids' clothing.
  • How often do you buy things online?Very often.
  • How often do you comparison shop online?Not so much because there aren't that many things we need...
  • If you buy online, what do you prefer about it over going to one or more stores?More convenient.
  • What's the best deal you've ever gotten online?I just bought a bag for 1 cent including shipping (from Hong Kong) - received it today.
  • Have you ever bought something online that was a total flop? If so, what?Sunglasses. Awful... and heated gloves that broke the first time I wore them.
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