Monday, November 23, 2009

Gadgets with free international shipping

guitarwatchIn addition to Deal Extreme, which I've ordered from several times (and highly recommend), I recently got an email about FocalPrice. The email was from PayPal, which makes me think they're probably totally legit... They've got more USB fans than I knew existed & a selection of inexpensive watches like this one on the right. It runs $3.70 if you buy one, but just $3.41 if you buy three or four. The price continues to go down if you buy 5 or more. These sites are great if you’re looking for watch batteries, cell phone batteries, or any of those little batteries for car alarms, digital scales, etc. (I just got a 10-pack of the kind I needed from DealExtreme for $2.14.) They’ve also got a crazy selection of computer and other gadgets; ipod, nds & psp accessories – including chargers, carrying cases, etc. The stock is always growing, so it’s worth checking out the “New Arrivals” section every few days.

bearHow can you resist this adorable 5” bear for $3.33 (including free international shipping) – and only $3.05 if you buy 3 or 4…

1freeaday is another one to check out. They offer one free item per day with $3.49 flat shipping. The other items on the site include free international delivery on every item. hoodThey’ve got a wide selection of items – from baby products and clothing to laptop keyboards, various cables, usb hubs and lingerie (yeah, I’m not quite sure how these fit together either). This picture (on the right) gave me a laugh, but the item itself looks pretty nice – a hood you can wear as a scarf when you go inside -it’s $8.27 including worldwide free shipping.

pinktutuAnd what girl wouldn’t love this pink tutu that costs just $10.07, including shipping anywhere in the world? (Currently only available in 3-4yr size).

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