Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vitamins and Supplements with International Shipping

My brother, Ben, introduced me to this site - Vitacost.com (get $10 off if you sign up via this link) - that sells vitamins, dietary supplements, herbs, diet products, bath & beauty products and more. Not only are their prices amazing, they ship internationally for just $5. (You can see a list of the countries they ship to on this page). Ben said that their home brand, VSI, usually comes out the cheapest.

Vitacost also sells kosher vitamins, vegetarian Omega 3 & they provide a variety of tools, including recommendations for what vitamins you should be taking based on a questionnaire you fill out (I forgot to fill in my height, leaving it at 1 foot tall, and was informed that I'm overweight - you might not want to miss that field :-))

Another awesome site is iHerb (Get $5 off your first order if you order via this link) - They offer a wide variety of food products, vitamins and more - and offer really cheap international shipping - just $4 for a package. It's limited to 4lbs, which means that you can't order that much, but it comes super-fast (usually) and packaged nicely.

Wishing you all good health!

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